T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, May 22, 1864.

     Four horse thieves have been arrested in St. Joseph within a week.

     A new regiment has been organized in Buchanan county.  J. M. Bassett was elected Colonel.

     Hay, or a miserable lot of musty weeds and rubbish which sells under that name brings eight cents a hundred in this market.

     Mr. Hartel has rebuilt his shop lately destroyed by fire.  He desires to employ two good cabinet makers, to whom good wages will be paid.

     A fire on the Platte County Railroad last Wednesday, destroyed seven thousand dollars worth of cotton, being sent East from Arkansas.

     FOR SALE. -- A marble topped billiard table, all complete but the cloth.  Will be sold for $75, not one quarter of its value.  It may be seen at the Hamm House.

     WYANDOT BRIDGE REPAIRED. -- This bridge is again open for travel, having been thoroughly repaired, and is now stronger and in better condition than it has been for years.

     There are a lot of rascally boys in this city who make a business to tear down and deface all bills and posters as soon as they are put up.  Probably they do not know they render themselves liable to prosecution for damages.  Some of our business men propose to make an example of some of these boys.  When some man pays a good round sum for the mischief his boys do in t his way, we think the evil will be corrected.