T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, May 21, 1864.

     WANTED. -- At this office, a good industrious boy to learn the Printing business.

     The Polyorama is exhibiting at Leavenworth this week.  The papers speak well of it.

     Gen. Schofield has been confirmed a Major General by the almost unanimous vote of the Senate.

     Dr. M. W. Flournoy, an old resident of Lafayette county, died at Lexington last Sunday.

     A military telegraph line is to be constructed from Lawrence to Fort Riley, thence down the Neosho to Humboldt.

     Col. E. M. McGee has had the forty acre lot joining town, which he recently purchased, surveyed, and laid off into acre lots, and is now selling to those who wish to buy.

     Some excitement was occasioned in the city the other day by the execution of an order issued by the Provost Marshal, for the search for property stolen from the Ladies' Bazaar.  The premises searched belonged to persons lately become residents of our town.  Very naturally they feel extremely hurt and wronged by being thus placed under suspicion.  It is due to truth and justice that we should say they came here bearing letters of introduction and recommendation from well-known and universally respected citizens of the town in which they formerly resided.  Prominent citizens of this city, also, have known the family referred to, and vouch for their unimpeachable character.  We exceedingly regret that the affair placing them in such unpleasant circumstances should have occurred.