T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, April 22, 1864.

     The Welcome went up yesterday, bound for Fort Benton, with a full load of passengers for Idaho.  A large number of emigrants came up on the boat and landed at this city yesterday morning.

     The Jennie Deans went down yesterday.  She had on board the Eighth Kansas veterans.

     A train of about a dozen wagons loaded with families and their household furniture, passed through town yesterday morning.  They came from north of the river and were going down into the border counties.

     The furniture shop belonging to Mr. Hartel took fire about 11 o'clock Wednesday night and was entirely consumed.  A small barn near it was also burned.  these buildings were just back of Bullene's store, and it was difficult to prevent the flames from communicating to that block.  Some lumber, tools, &c., were burned.  It was fortunate that the fire was discovered in time to prevent a more damaging conflagration.

     A bold robbery was committed by D. S. Haggart, driver of the U. S. Express Co., in St. Jo., on Monday last.  He was sent out to deliver packages through the city.  In the lot there were several packages of money, in all amounting to $27,000.  These he took possession of, drove the horse and wagon into the brush outside of town, and left for parts unknown.  No tidings as yet has been got of the thief or the course he has taken.

     Mr. B. L. Riggins is erecting a large building on Delaware street south of the Pacific house.  It is designed for a livery stable.

     Mr. W. B. Cockrell has opened a new grocery house on the Levee, east of Main street.  His stock is new and he promises to sell cheap.  Try him.

     Our account of the shooting affair in the "Addition," contained a mistake, which we hasten to correct.  It was not the soldier who had been playing the violin, nor his comrade who fired into the house.  They left quietly and peaceably, and are known as good orderly soldiers.  The firing was done soon after they left, but by unknown parties.  We gave the account just as it was related to us, but are glad to be able to relieve innocent persons from the imputation cast upon them.