T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Tuesday, September 6, 1864.

     The steamers Tempest and Emporia went below on Sunday. The packet came down Sunday night with a fine load of passengers and freight.  The Jennie Lewis came up yesterday evening, and unloaded a large amount of freight at our levee.

     The rain of Sunday morning was very acceptable to our citizens, while the face of nature looks as clean again with its late washing.

     CENSUS OF LEAVENWORTH. -- According to the report of the census taken last June, Leavenworth had a total population of 15,332.

     SPANISH. -- For those desirous of learning the pure Castilian, a "Spanish School" will be starting soon.

     Sweet potatoes, of large size and fine quality, are to be found in our market every morning.  The price is high -- ten cents per pound.

     H. P. Grovenor, a prominent citizen of Lawrence, died in that city on the 28th.  He was an active member of the City Council.

     We learn from the Columbia Statesman that the guerrillas are still busily engaged in the outrageous practice of stealing horses, fire arms, &c., in Boone county.

     "Across the Line." -- Many of our thirsty citizens, influenced by the dryness of the atmosphere, "crossed the lien" on Sunday, and moistened their parched throats with bumpers of lager at an impromptu bar on the umbrageous Kaw bottom.

     We learn that General Brown has already resumed command of the district of Central Missouri.  He has been absent sometime on furlough for the benefit of his health.

     The citizens of Wyandot give a Grand Reception to-morrow in honor of Col. Weer and the 10th Kansas.  There will be a free pic-nic dinner, speeches, toasts and responses and a dance on the new bridge.  In the evening a ball will be given at McAlpin's Hall, to wind up the festivities.  The people of this vicinity are most cordially invited to attend.