T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, Septmeber 4, 1864.

     The Bart Able went down yesterday morning, with a fair load.  The Effie Deans passed up yesterday, with six companies of the First U. S. Regulars.  They are destined for the Plains.

     Yesterday was a lively day among business men.  An unusual number of country people were in town.

     The heat, the dust and the dryness continues unabated, and the plaints of our baked and thirsty denizens are getting more loud and emphatic.

     Provost-Marshal General Fry decides that deserters from the rebel army are not object to enrollment or draft.

     Ross & Truett's stall at the Market House is always crowded -- and evidence that their meats are of the first quality.

     It is reported that Col. John A. Martin, of the 8th Kansas, is confined in the officers' hospital at Lookout Mountain with intermittent fever and scurvy.

     Among the candidates who entered the Naval Academy as Midshipmen at the examinations from July 20 to 31st last was W. E. Delahay, from Kansas.

     SLEEPY. -- It is said that editors, reporters, printers and telegraph operators need not sleep at all.  Public opinion is averse to their being permitted to do so, and as this is a free country, they must act as public opinion requires.