T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, September 18, 1864.

     A fine shower of rain fell yesterday evening.  The weather continues cool, and business lively.  There were a good many people in from the country yesterday, and our streets and stores presented a full and busy appearance.

     Another train of eleven wagons came in yesterday from New Mexico.  They belonged to Eisberg & Amberg, and were loaded with 35,000 pounds of wool.

     NOT THE MAN. -- The m an who was sent from St. Louis to Indianapolis to identify Quantrell, says the prisoner is not the man.

     Apples sold yesterday on the levee at a dollar per bushel.  They have been bringing one and a half in market.

     During the past week the colored people of Quindaro have been holding a protracted meeting.  There was a large attendance, and much interest exhibited.

     The mails between here and Independence are now carried over the Pacific Railroad daily.  In consequence of htis the Leavenworth mail leaves about an hour earlier than heretofore.

     One man yesterday presented himself at the polls to vote.  When asked to take the oath of allegiance required of every voter in this State, he refused, and left the room.  No one present knew him.

     PACIFIC RAILROAD, E. D. -- This great work is being pushed forward.  Nearly all the material for the bridge across the Kansas river is on the ground.  Railroad iron is arriving every week, and the work men are busy laying down the track.  The necessary books, blanks and tickets are being received, and the road will soon be in running order for the public.  Next winter and spring, Kansas City may look for a heavy floating population.

     A proposition for a street railroad has been defeated by the City Council of Leavenworth.