T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, September 17, 1864.

     The packet got down late yesterday, with a good load for this place.

     The Santa Fe Coach went out yesterday evening, with a fair load for New Mexico.

     The heated term is over.  The atmosphere now has an autumnal coolness that is very acceptable.  Business is increasing and there is promise of a very heavy fall trade.

     Some festive gents in blue amused themselves, night before last, by rolling a hogshead of tobacco down Main street.  It would have gone into the river, had it not struck a sign post of the Coates's House and burst open.  This sort of fun is anything but creditable.  The hogshead was taken from the tobacco factory of Lachman, Tobener & Co.

     SEND YOUR HOME PAPER TO SOLDIERS. -- No one but a soldier or an exile knows how to value his home paper.  No one who has not stood at the battle's front, away from the quiet of home, can know the eagerness with which the familiar sheet is read and re-read, and  passed through the whole camp.  Home speaks to them from every column, and in the sweet perusal they forget the gory contest in the clear sky, the laughing brook, and the voices that gladden the old homestead.  Our boys in blue hunger after news form home, and need the "paper bullets" of the local paper to lighten those in the cartridge box.  Let every one send papers to the acquaintances in the army -- every regiment should receive at least fifty State papers each week.  It is but a little trouble to mail your old papers, and they will so gladden the eye  and the heart of the patriots hwo are now doing battle for our birth-right -- a free and undivided government.

     ST. LOUIS MILITARY PRISONS. -- Gratoit street prison now contains 441 prisoners, 100 of whom are in the hospital.  In the Myrtle street prison there are 113 prisoners.