T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Thursday, September 29, 1864.

     By General Orders No. 9, it will be seen that citizens can now drink their fill.

     Gen. Brown has moved his headquarters from Warrensburg to Jefferson City.

     Business was good yesterday, and our streets were thronged.  The packet came down yesterday morning.  She was well loaded with passengers and freight.

     Price, we trust, is making his last invasion of Missouri.  It seems as though the old traitor should be caught or killed this time.

     The steamer Denver, that has been plying between St. Joe and Omaha, came down yesterday.  She received guards for her pilot house, preparatory to her trip down.

     Matt Foster has kindly laid the latest papers on our table.  He has just received a lot of new music, and guitar and piano instructions.

     BUSHWHACKERS IN CLAY. --A gentleman from Clay yesterday, informs us that Todd, with one hundred and fifty men, was prowling through that country.  The citizens of Liberty keep pickets out all the time.

     WILHITE'S MILL. -- We understand that this mill is to be rebuilt on the old site next spring.  This is an enterprise in which we all feel interested, especially in the farming community, and we shall be glad to see it running again.

     GUERRILLAS ON THE NORTH MISSOURI. -- On Tuesday the guerrillas stopped the train coming west on this road, and destroyed the cars and locomotive.  The mails and express matter were broken open, and the passengers robbed.  We have no particulars, but hear that some of them were killed.

     ATTENTION COMPANY A., STATION GUARDS. -- You are requested to  at teh Company 's Headquarters, Metropolitan Block, McGee's Addition, this evening, at 7 o'clock, as there is important business to be discussed.
By order of C. A. CARPENTER, Captain Commanding.