T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, September 30, 1864.

     Yesterday was decidedly fallish, and fires were necessary to make one feel comfortable.  The fine rain on Wednesday night has settled the dust for some time.

     Our markets are well supplied now with farm products, but the prices are startling to buyers of slender means.  The substantials they are forced to have, but upon rarities they can only bestow a hungry glance.

     Maj. Pritchard, of the 2d Colorado, still remains in command of this station.

     BUSHWHACKERS AT BARRY. -- A private letter informs us that the mail-carrier from Parkville, Mo., yesterday morning, reports 500 bushwhackers at Barry, a few miles from Parkville.  The troops at Parkville moved out on the hill to defend the place.

     CROWDED. -- An indisputable evidence of the increase in the floating population of Kansas City, is the fullness of the hotels.

     Business continues lively -- increased somewhat by military movements.  The wholesale trade has opened well this fall, and the retail is steadily increasing.

     Companies A, B, and C of the E. M. M. are ordered to assemble to-day, Companies A and C at the Market House at 2 o'clock, and Company B in front of the Union Hotel at 4 o'clock.  Those failing to report will be arrested for disobedience of orders.

     The new sidewalks on Main street are going forward rapidly.  The same may be said of other city improvements.

     THE DRAFT. -- There will be no draft in the Fifth District, that section having fully filled its quota.

     BROOM CORN. -- Frank Kump informs us that this crop has been very fine this year -- double what it was last.

     The Governor of Kansas has called out the military of Douglas and Shawnee counties.  They are to report at Fort Scott.

     DEATH TO ALL GUERRILLAS. -- General Fisk having nearly cleaned the upper country of guerrillas, has recently been concentrating considerable bodies of troops in Adrian, Boone, Howard, Randolph and Monroe counties, with determination to drive the guerrillas out of that region.