T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Wednesday, August 31, 1870.

     WRAPPING PAPER. -- We have a lot of old exchanges for sale cheap, suitable for wrapping paper.

     ORDER NO. 6. -- Temperance in all things is a virtue.  The general compliance with Order No. 6, yesterday, gave our city a teetotal look -- tetotallay dry.

     The Pacific Restaurant has just opened on Third street, No. 5.  W. J. Huckett is the proprietor, and is conducting the establishment after the most approved and comfortable manner.

     Mrs. Claib. Jackson, the widow of the late Claiborne F. Jackson, died a short time since in Texas.  Her youngest daughter has returned to this State under the Amnesty Proclamation, and is living amongst her relatives.

     The Liberty Tribune says that Col. Catherwood has been promoted to a Brigadier-Generalship, and left for St. Louis yesterday.  Major King will hereafter have the command of that post.  he is highly spoken of by his acquaintances as a gallant officer and gentleman.

      Private Geo. Daggett, of this city, 7th Missouri cavalry, for some time clerk at Headquarters Department of Missouri, in the office of the Chief of Cavalry, has been promoted to 1st Lieutenant of Company A, 40th Missouri infantry.  Private Daggett has labored very industriously in recruiting and assisting in organizing Company A of the 40th, and is a deserving and meritorious young man.

     BLACKSMITH TOOLS LOST. -- I left a lot of blacksmiths tools, wrapped in a new leather apron, at some house a week ago last Monday, and have forgotten where.  A liberal reward will be paid for them, or information that will lead to their recovery, at J. H. Miller's Blacksmithshop, Main street.  -- JAMES MATTOX.