T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Tuesday, August 30, 1864.

     A train of five wagons came in yesterday, loaded with wool.

     The Evening Star went down Sunday evening, for St. Louis.  The Montana came up Sunday evening heavily loaded with Commissary store for this Department.  The Missouri has 3 1/2 feet in the channel from here down.

     The Paymaster distributed a pile of green-backs among the brave boys of the 2d Colorado, yesterday.

     The steamer Thomas E. Tutt left St. Louis on Friday last, to act as gunboat of the Missouri river in place of the Fannie Ogden.

     RELEASED. -- Wm. Gallagher, of Kansas City, has been ordered to be released on condition he reside in Kansas during the remainder of the war.

     The Congregational Church, Leavenworth, has a fine organ, which was used for the first time last Sunday.  It is the second one in Kansas.

     The travel on our new railroad is getting to be quite brisk.  There is nothing like a locomotive whistle to wake up the sleepers.

     HAY. -- A large quantity of hay is now coming into the market, and being rapidly brought up by Government contractors.  All kind of forage will be high this winter.

     CHILD HURT. -- Yesterday morning a little girl was badly mangled by a large dog.  At last accounts she was not expected to live.  dogs are too numerous nowadays, and it is time that a very stringent law should be enforced.

     THE DRAFT. -- Orders from the War Department direct that all Provost marshals have everything in readiness to begin the draft immediately after the expiration of the fifty days' notice already given by the President, and direct that enrollment lists be closed and forwarded to the Provost Marshal General's department on the first of September, with corrections to that date so that proper quotas may be assigned.