T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Tuesday, August 2, 1864.

     SICK. -- Mr. Gough, carrier of this paper, has been sick for two days, and the carrier supplying his place being unacquainted with the residences of subscribers, many are unavoidably missed.  Any who fail to secure tehr papers will please give notice at this office.

     The KANSAS CITY STOCK ASSOCIATION have just completed a fine track in the bottom of town, and will open it on Friday next, for two days' races.  We invite all who are admirers of fine stock and fast stock, to be present, and particularly the owners of fast stock are desired to attend the opening meeting.

          Talcott, the murderer of Samuel Hallett, was not found at last accounts.  He is supposed to be in the brush not far west of Wyandotte.  There are at least one hundred and fifty men looking for him in the country.  A large reward is offered for his arrest.  The citizens of Wyandotte city and county offer $500, the State the same, and the Company $1,000.  It will be hardly possible for him to escape.   
     FERRY STOPPED. -- The Kansas City Ferry Company will lay up their Ferry boat for repairs on Thursday nest August 4th, 1864, and will not resume trips until Saturday morning -- making two days only.  The public will please take notice.  Skiffs will be run for passengers and person attending market.  -- CAMPBELL, NELSON & CO.

     TAILORING. -- W. E. Whiting, having bought out A. Clark, will continue the business at the old stand.  Mr. W. comes well recommended, and with much experience hopes to give satisfaction to the old patrons of this establishment.  He pays particular attention to military garments, and solicits a general patronage from all.