T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, July 30, 1864.

     MILITARY ORDERS. -- Members of Companies A, B and C of the E. M. M., will meet at the Courthouse to-day, at three o'clock, P. M., for the purposes of drafting.  Those failing to be present will be assigned to duty.  By order of D. CAHILL, Lieut. Commanding Co. C., THOS. THOMAS, First Lieut, Comd'g Co. B., and F. H. Kump, Capt. Commanding Co. A.

     NOT DEAD. -- The numerous friends, in Kansas City, of Charles G. Parker, of New Mexico, will be rejoiced to learn by the news that he was not killed, as was reported a month ago, but is alive and well.

     CONCERT. -- Sam. Harrison, the pleasing vocalist, takes a benefit to-night, and offers for the amusement of his friends and the public, a fine bill of entertainment.  We hope to see Long's Hall crowded.

     The Kate Kinney arrived from Saint Louis yesterday morning.  She left a large amount of freight and then proceeded up the river.

     No damage has been done to the Hannibal and St. Joe Railroad save the burning of Salt River bridge, and Gen. Fisk has two hundred distinguished secesh rebuilding that.

     The rubbish on Main street was nicely raked up last week to the middle of the street, so that the cartman could haul it away.  It has not been taken away, but is being well spread again by the continuous travel.   There may be economy in this, but it is not the kind used in other places.