T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Thursday, August 25, 1864.

     The weather continues dry, mild and pleasant, and business more lively.

     FOR MEXICO. -- A large train, loaded with groceries, departed for New Mexico yesterday.  "Prairie Schooners" may be seen sailing through our streets almost any day.

     THANKS. -- A glass of wine and a fragrant Havana are excellent things to take after dinner.  We enjoyed both yesterday at the store of Ditach & Aeuer.  This firm has a fine stock of wines, liquors and cigars, and their social qualities are building u p for them a heavy trade.

     Capt. Insley, at Fort Leavenworth, is now paying $160 for cavalry horses.

     The Leavenworth Bulletin says their theatre is receiving its finishing touches, and will certainly be ready by the 1st of September.

     THROUGH TO INDEPENDENCE. -- Mr. Hale, superintendent of construction, desires us to inform the public that the railroad is now finished to Independence, and cars running daily.

     The Secretary of War has decided that all men belonging to the Missouri State Militia, who have re-enlisted for three years, on or subsequent to the 18th of July, 1864, or who may thereafeter re-enlist, are entitled to a bounty of three hundred dollars.

     A YOUTHFUL VETERAN. -- Missouri claims to have furnished the youngest veteran for re-enlistment, in the person of George Huffman, who in his fifteenth year was enrolled as a volunteer in the 13th Missouri infantry, November 4th, 1861.  Having participated in the battles of Fort Donelson, Pittsburg Landing and other points, he re-enlisted February 8th, 1864, and is now a member of the 32d Ohio.