T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Wednesday, August 24, 1864.

     The Olathe Mirror says that every able-bodied man in Johnson county i s compelled to leave his farm and business, and perform active service in the militia.

     The ladies now a days seem to be very masculine in their aspirations.  Standing collars, vulgarly called "chokers," are now being sported by the "ribs" of the human family.

     Watermelon rinds when strewed judiciously along the side-walk is an excellent aid to locomotion.  Skating on them for two or three blocks is peculiarly pleasant.

     Under the last call for soldiers, the quota of Wyandot county is 165.  On the 31st of July this county's excess of all calls was 223, which, after deducting their present quota, will leave them a credit of 85.

     There will be a camp meeting at the Delaware Church, on the Leavenworth road, ten miles from Wyandot, commencing on Thursday evening, August 25th, and continuing over the Sabbath.

     THE GUERILLAS. -- The notorious Fletcher Taylor was mortally wounded during a recent fight with the Militia in North Missouri, and Thrailkill was shot in the neck, but not fatally injured.

      EBY'S PICTURE GALLERY. -- There is no art that confers so much pleasure upon mankind as that of picture-taking, while its cheapness places it within the gratification of all.  We are led to these reflections after walking through the gallery of S. M. Eby & Son, on Third street.  These gentlemen are first class artists and take pictures of every description.  To those desiring a good picture we recommend this gallery, where they cannot fail to be well pleased.