T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, August 26, 1864.

     The Wyandotte Gazette is out in favor of Col. W. Y. Roberts for United States Senator.

     P. W. Hitchcock, of Omaha, has been nominated as the union candidate for Delegate to Congress from Nebraska.

     We learn from the Lexington Journal that there are four companies of "United States Paw-paw conscripts" in that place, garrisoning the forts.

     Our city was very lively yesterday morning.  We noticed many teams leading at our wholesale houses, and the retail establishments were crowded with persons trading.

     Locals were few and far between yesterday.  The afternoon was warm and there seemed to be a disposition on the part of ye "lachrymose clerk" to give us more rain.

     Elisha B. Cravens, Esq., has been appointed City Collector in the place of Mr. Salisbury, resigned.  This is an excellent appointment.  Judge Cravens will never be complained of for collecting money and paying in warrants.  He will pay in kind -- as he collects.