T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, August 14, 1864.

     Business was good yesterday.  A large number of farmers were in, and considerable farm produce disposed of, while our merchants sold a number of large bills.

     GUERRILLA FIGHT. -- From a gentleman just over from Clay county we learn that our forces were having a fight with the guerrillas on Fishing river.  Citizens from that place were flying into Liberty.  Col. Catherwood has sent out a large force, and doubtless by this time the rebel marauders are either well whipped or dispersed.

     The Germans have a picknick to-day near Helmrich's Brewery.  The turnout will be large, and the pleasure without restraint.  Our Teutonic friends know how to enjoy themselves, and their gatherings are always well attended.

     McLeod's hack will ply between town and the picnic grounds to-morrow.

     The Wyandot Gazette says we learn from a citizen of Quindaro, that Talcott, the murderer of Samuel Hallett, has been heard from.  He wrote to his sister, Mrs. Arington, that he was safe from pursuit, but would be here in October to stand his trial.

     W. B. Schirach, of St. Louis, has assumed editorial charge of the Kansas Zietung, published in Leavenworth.

     The Tenth Kansas is still waiting at Saint Louis to be relieved of duty.  Their time expired on the 11th.  There are 630 men in the regiment, about half of whom have re-enlisted.

     RAILROAD OPENING. -- Citizens desiring to participate in the Railroad opening in Monday, will be at the depot grounds below the city at 9 o'clock, A. M.  Owing to the shortness of the notice, not time is allowed to prepare a public dinner.  Parties will provide themselves with refreshments in pic-nic style, to take with them.  Conveyances will be found at the corner of Fourth and Main streets, and should the number be large, the ferry boat will be procured, if possible, to take people down and back.  The people of Wyandot and Westport are invited to participate with us.  BY ORDER OF CONGRESS.