T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, August 7, 1864.

     A good book binder can find immediate and constant employment at this office.

     This fine weather is like Mrs. Southworth's tales, getting very tiresome and long.

     Yesterday our streets presented a busy appearance.  A good many farmers were in, and quite a number of country merchants, replenishing their stocks.

       If some of our citizens who are largely interested in real estate would build a few tenements to rent to families who represent the industrial force in this community, they would spend money in the right direction.  Thirty good residences could find tenants to-day in this city.

    Our market presents a gratifying fullness to the eye, but when the pocket is brought to bear upon the scene, we find an "aching void" in our purses.

     GIVE US RAIN. -- We beseech thee, most lachrymose clerk of the weather, to give us an outpouring of thy spirit.  Open the flood-gates of the firmament and let the waters fall, for the "sun-cracked earth is dry even to brittleness.  Be not lukewarm in thy bounty, but let the accumulated drops of months drench us in showers.