T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, August 6, 1864.

     Boy wanted at A. Kastor's, under the Journal of Commerce office. 

    Yesterday the weather was warm and dry.  A young deluge would be very acceptable in this section of Christendom.

     A. Kastor, of Leavenworth, has opened a business house in this place.  He occupies the old stand of Mr. Grigsby.

     Improvements are steadily going on in the city -- grading, repairing, and contracting are going on in every thoroughfare.

     A young man who has recently taken a wife, says he did not find it half so hard to get married as he did to get the furniture.

     The Santa Fe coach went out yesterday loaded. We are pleased to learn that the Arkansas route is now safe for man and beast, and the travel is becoming as great as ever.

     Quite a number of our merchants are East laying in heavy stocks.  Our business men are making extensive preparations for the business that the fall and railroads will bring us.

     TEA PARTY. -- The hop at Long's Hall last night passed off gaily.  There was a goodly attendance, and belle and beau seemed to enjoy themselves, notwithstanding Mrs. Grundy pronounced it too warm to dance.