T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, August 5, 1864.

     Gen. Guitar's Military Department is entirely quiet.  An occasional guerrilla band makes an appearance in the south east section of the State.

     Yesterday the weather was cooler, and our denizens appropriately remembered the day  of "humiliation and prayer."  All the business houses were closed, service was held in the churches, and the whole city wore an air of submissive silence.

     A horse race will come off this afternoon between two of our fast nags.  Of course the "sports" will all be out, and many a green one suffer in the pocket and spirit at the lucky haul made by the more successful betters.

     Col. R. C. Bradshaw, late Captain of the  25th Missouri Volunteers, has been authorized to raise the regiment assigned to St. Joseph by Gen. Rosecrans.  Col. Bradshaw we know to be one of the best soldiers Missouri has sent to the field during the war, and will have one of the  best regiments, if ability, industry and discipline can make it.  He will fill up his ranks rapidly.

     Col. Chester Harding, of the old 25th Missouri, has received authority to recruit a regiment of twelve month men in Northwestern Missouri.  His headquarters will be at St. Joseph.  It is needless for us to say anything in commendation, as the veterans of that splendid old regiment are scattered throughout Western Missouri, and we know will rally at once to the old standard.  Let this regiment be promptly filled -- many of the old officers will be with it again.  The regiment is for service in Missouri.

     More than fifteen members of the Platte county Paw-paw militia surrendered to Major Hinkle, near Parkville, on the 2d, and were delivered over to the proper authorities at Fort Leavenworth.

     Three bushwhackers were captured on the 1st, west of Atchison, on their way to the mountains, by a squad of Missouri Militia.  Northwest Missouri is getting too hot for the scoundrels, and they are making for the plains and mountains as fast as they find means to cross the river and journey westward.  If permitted to escape, they would probably turn up again as "road agents" in the mining regions.