T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Wednesday, June 22, 1864.

     HURRAH FOR THE RAILROAD -- ARRIVAL OF LOCOMOTIVE AND IRON -- CARS AND MORE IRON COMING. -- We have tangible evidence that this end of the Missouri Pacific Railroad is to be immediately completed.  The steamer McGill arrived yesterday morning, bringing five hundred tons of freight for this road.  She unloaded just east of the city.  A temporary track was laid and the locomotive and tender run out upon it.  Soon the shrill neigh of the iron horse will echo along the Blue.  The iron now here is sufficient to lay the track to the Big Blue, and it will be down by the 4th of July.  Cars and more iron are now on the river coming up.
    The first locomotive has been named the Daniel R. Garrison, after the energetic Vice President of the road.  Mr. Garrison was present yesterday giving personal supervision and assistance in getting the locomotive off the boat.  The arrival of the engine, iron and materials, giving assurance as it does that we shall soon have a Railroad in operation, is an event over which we may well rejoice.

     The prisoners in the guard house are indignant because the sentinels in that institution at present are black guards.

     Dr. R. L. Jeffries comes highly recommended as a physician and surgeon, and purposes to locate permanently in this city.  His office is at Dr. Pierce's drug store.

     The citizens of Kansas City will celebrate the arrival of the first "iron horse" by a banquet on board the steamer T. L. McGill to-night.  A limited number of tickets are out, and are for sale by Matt Foster, Payne & Toler, and Cooper & Gregg.  A most festive feast is anticipated.

     On Monday last, one week ago, Dr. Joseph M. Wood, of this city, performed the operation of lithotomy, on the son of Michael Mahoney of this place, three and a half years of age, extracting a stone from the bladder, one inch in diameter.  In three days the little patient was up walking about the room, and at this date, one week since the operation was performed, is entirely well.