T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, June 25, 1864.

Station Kansas City, Missouri, Headquarters
Public House, corner of Fourth and Delaware streets.
     Major J. Nelson Smith, 2d Colorado cavalry, Commanding.
     Lieut. Albert L. Gooding, 2d Colorado cavalry, Adjutant.
     Captain A. J. Lloyd, A. Q. M and Station Quartermaster.
     Captain Levi Ruggles, C. S. Volunteers, Main street near the levee.
     Lieut. James Burrell, 2d. Colorado cavalry, R. C., and commissary of refugees.
     J. T. Riddier, A. A. Surgeon, in charge of Station Hospital, Grand Avenue, McGee's Addition.  E. Palmer, Hospital Steward.
     Lambert Williamson, Q. M. Sergt.

     The James White, the Live Oak, and the Minnehaha went down yesterday.  The Emile brought down, yesterday, six splendid coaches for M. Cottrell & Co.  They were made to order for the firm at Concord, New Hampshire.  They will be  run upon the great stage and express route from this city to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Those who tend to cross the plains will be interested to know that these fine coaches have been placed upon the route.

     A heavily loaded ox train rolled out last evening for Santa Fe.

     Elder R. Morton will preach in the Christian Church this evening at early candle light, and also on Sunday at 10 1/2 o'clock.

     The iron for the Missouri Pacific Railway is coming right along.  the McGill returned to Saint Louis and will come up with another load immediately.  Two other boats, we understand, are now on the way up.  the work of laying the track is progressing rapidly.

     Charley Carpenter made us a brief call yesterday.  Since we saw him last, about a year ago, he has been operating with our armies in the Gulf.  He has been over in Mexico, and was once captured by the French.  He makes but a brief visit at his father's here, and is off again for Louisiana.

     WYANDOT CITY MILLS. -- All who like good bread should go to the Kansas City Branch of the Wyandot City Mills, Chrysler & Hatch, under the old Union Hotel, where  they will have on hand their superior brands of flour, corn meal and mill feed generally.  They are paying cash for grain, all they can get, and the highest prices.