T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Wednesday, June 15, 1864.

    The Grand Social Ball is postponed until Monday night, June 20, owing to a portion of the band being on duty.

     On Friday night, two extra trains arrived at St.  Joseph bringing about 1,000 Mormon emigrants -- mostly from England, and largely of the feminine persuasion.

     A bushwhacker named Lanier was executed by shooting on Friday last, at Savannah, Mo.  He was a hardened wretch.

     The Lexington mail was robbed by bushwhackers, day before yesterday, at Fire Prairie Creek.  We got no paper mail here yesterday morning.

     AN ESCORT ATTACKED. -- Seven or eight soldiers escorting a wagon load of stores from Westport to Hickman's Mills, were attacked by guerrillas day before yesterday.  They lost the wagon, which was burned by the rebels, and several mules.  All the boys escaped except one, who has not since been heard from.

     TRAGEDY ON THE STEAMBOAT PARAGON. -- A terrible affair occurred on the steamboat Paragon a few miles below here yesterday morning.  One of the deck-hands went to the cook and demanded breakfast.  Some altercation passed between them, and the cook afterward said that the deck hand attempted to strike him; by all accounts, the cook drew a revolver and struck the other, inflicting a wound from which he expired in less than half an hour.  The deck-hands then seized the cook and bound him to one of the spars.  The captain and others interfered, and endeavored to have them keep him and turn him over to the civil authorities at this city.  But when the boat arrived at Independence Landing, the deck-hands took the cook ashore and shot him, leaving his body lying on the bank.

     ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE! -- Citizens of the city who are exempt form service in the E. M. M., that are willing to organize into companies for the defense of the city, will be waited upon to-day by committees appointed for the purpose of enrolling their names, and all such will assemble at the Court House this afternoon, at half past five o'clock.  The Committees are as follows:  East of Main street, Messrs. M. Diveley, S. D. Vaughan and J. S. Harris.
     West of Main street, Messrs. M. J. Payne, J. W. Thompson and I. N. Walker.
     South of Ross street and Cumberland avenue, Messrs. P. G. Causey, G. W. Vincent and Upton Eby.
     Persons who are overlooked by the Committees will confer a favor by calling upon either of the Committee men and giving their names.  It is earnestly desired that all persons who can bear arms, will promptly meet and organize for common defense.