T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Tuesday, June 14, 1864.

     The various militia companies meet to-day for inspection and review.

     Forty dollars in gold was received at Atchison last Thursday by the overland express.

     A notorious guerrilla, named Wright, was recently killed near Cape Girardeau, in this state.

     Thos. Burke is putting up a fine brick business  house on Delaware street, between Ross and Eighth.

     Lieut. Col. Hayes, of the Twelfth Kansas, who was so severely wounded in the late battles in Arkansas, is said to be doing well.

     KANSAS SALT. -- The Osawatomie Salt Works are proving to be very successful.  The slat made there is said to be a very superior article.  larger works are to be erected.

     DECLINED. -- The individual who sends us a very personal article for publication, from Westport, is informed that we do not publish anything of that style, at all, and emphatically so without a responsible name attached.

     ATTENTION, Co. C, 77th REGIMENT, E. M. M. -- The members of Co. C, E. M. M., are hereby ordered to meet at the Court House to-day, June 14th, 1864.  By order of Lieut. Cahill, Commanding Co.

     Citizens will do well to act upon the repeated hint of the Military authorities in regard to the removal of rubbish and offensive accumulations from their premises.  The health and good condition of the city make it proper the order should be enforced.

     Citizens belonging to the Voluntary Military Organizations of the city, are requested to meet this evening at six o'clock, for the purpose of drawing arms.  Those belonging to the Second District will meet at the Court House.  Thos of the Third District, at Headquarters (Pacific House).  Let every man come out and get his gun and ammunition.

     ATTENTION!  Company A, Station Guards, will must for inspection of arms and review at No. 7, Metropolitan Block, in McGee's Addition, at one o'clock to-day, and all citizens capable of bearing arms in the First District, are requested to attend.  All of the company are expected to be on hand without fail by one o'clock to-day.  By the order of C. A. Carpenter, Captain Commanding.