T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Wednesday, May 18, 1864.

     ON THE LEVEE. -- The daily arrival of New Mexican trains loaded with wool, hides, pelts, &c., and the great number of wagons loading with merchandise for Santa Fe, have made it very lively on the levee.  At W. H. Chick & Co.'s, trains have been constantly loading.  All of our dealers have been selling large bills to New Mexican merchants.  Large shipments of wool, tobacco, lard and hides have been made from this city.  Boats arriving have brought large amounts of freight.

     The horse race which was to come off this afternoon has been postponed 'til Saturday.

     Excavations are being made on the lot next to Flagler's store, preparatory to the erection of a new building.

     The Olathe Mirror comes to us enlarged and much improved in appearance.  We are glad to note these tokens of prosperity.

     FRAZIER'S BILLIARD SALOON. -- This is the only billiard saloon in Westport, and the bar is well stocked with choice liquors.  John can accommodate his friends, from a punch up to a julep.

     Some officials are grossly neglecting his duty.  A dead dog has been allowed to remain on Main steet for several days, greatly to the disgust and annoyance of all who had to pass in the vicinity.

     The Hope brought up a load of railroad iron for the U. P. R. R. E. D., yesterday.  She started with nearly a thousand bars, but in consequence of low water, she was obliged to throw off a small part of her load below Lexington.

     We learn that the wagon master of a Government train, which was going from this city to Independence, was shot last evening near the Blue, by one of the teamsters.  The murderer was arrested, and with his victim taken to Independence.