T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Thursday, May 19, 1864.

     ROBBERY.-- Mrs. Camp's Bazaar was broken into Tuesday night and goods to the amount of several hundred dollars stolen.  It is believed the thieves are known and will be caught.

     Gen. Rosecrans has issued an order directing that no more rations be issued to refugees and others.  In accordance with this order, Chaplain Hamilton has ceased issuing supplies to the destitute at this post.  A large number of refugees and soldier's families have been fed by the Government here.  This sudden suspension of supplies may cause some suffering, but it is believed that in most instances, the present high price of labor will enable those who are willing to work to take care of themselves.

     We would call the special attention of our readers to the new firm of Ensel, Robert & Matzdorf, in the wholesale and retail grocery business, on Main street, just below Northrup & Co.'s banking house.  Although a new house here, this firm is an old and experienced one, fully posted to all the details of the business, and amply prepared to accommodate all the demands of the trade.  Merchants from the country and New Mexican traders would do well to call and examine the stock of this house before purchasing elsewhere.

     Eight thousand sweet potato plants, of the best varieties, for sale at the residence of George Miller in Ransom's Addition, Kansas City.  Leave orders at Defflemyer's Store.  Price 50 cents per hundred.

     If you wish to improve your personal appearance, go and get yourself a handsome suit of clothes made.  Hammerslough Bro.'s, merchant tailors, have the finest collections of cassimeres, vestings, and broadcloths in the city, and make them up in order on shortest notice.  Go and see them.