T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, April 23, 1870.

     We have no telegraphic report this morning, the line being down, probably in consequence of the storm.

     The monthlies for May can be had at Matt Foster's.  Harper is first rate this month, as in fact it always is.  Mr. Foster has also Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine for March.  This is one of the best foreign publications.

     The employees of the Laclede Rolling Mill have paid over to the Finance Committee of the Mississippi Valley Sanitary Fair, the sum of one hundred dollars.  If every manufacturing establishment throughout the West will act with the same liberality, there will be no doubt about raising a half million for the benefit of the sick and wounded soldiers.

     Some gentlemen form Pleasant Hill gave us the particulars of an affair which has created some excitement in that vicinity recently.  An individual, in drawing a pail of water from a well in the town, a few morning since, pulled up the dead body of a young infant which had apparently been thrown in to the well the night before.  The military were requested to investigate the matter, but the Commander of the Post rightly referred it to the authorities to whom it belonged.  Whether the child had been killed by its unnatural mother or not, could not be told; but the community felt outraged that instead of giving it a decent burial, it had been thrown into a well from which families were constantly using the water, and they demanded that an investigation should be made to discover the guilty parties.  But the authorities could not be induced to give the matter the slightest attention, not even to see that the dead body was buried, and it was left lying upon the ground, and the next night was destroyed by hogs.  We are told the people feel very indignant towards those who have thus grossly neglected their duties.

     We would call the special attention of our readers to the new firm of Ensel, Robert & Matzdorf, in the wholesale and retail grocery business on Main Street, just below Northrup & Co.'s banking house.  Although a new house here, this firm is an old an experienced one, fully posted in al the details of the business, and amply prepared to accommodate all the demands of the trade.  Merchants from the country and New Mexican traders would do well to call and examine the stock of this  house before purchasing elsewhere.

     Rev. J. B. Fuller, pastor of the Baptist Church, has arrived at home, and will preach Sunday at 11 o'clock, and at 7 1/2 p. m.

     Elder R. Morton will preach in the Christian Church this evening at candle light; also on the Lord's day at 10 1/2 o'clock.