T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Tuesday, April 26, 1864.

     The rain and snow of Saturday and Sunday were followed by a clear, warm day yesterday.   Vegetation is coming forward rapidly.

     The Santa Fe stage arrived Sunday, bringing a full load of passengers.

     A New Mexican train was loaded on the Levee yesterday, and drove out of town last night.

     The hardware store of Cooper & Gregg, on the levee, is made conspicuous by a fine new sign just put up.

     Work on the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division, is again going forward.  Iron is arriving almost daily, and about forty men are busily engaged in laying the track. 

     Capt. C. J. White has been appointed cashier of the Farmer's Bank in Liberty, in place of G. Bird, resigned.

     The House of Representatives have put a tax on whisky of a dollar a gallon on all manufactured after the first of May.

     There is talk of a call for 200,000 more troops for six months' service.  We thought that kind of nonsense was "played out."

     Hannibal claims to have the worst lot of boys of any town in the State.  They are graduating thieves and roughs by the wholesale.

     Haggerty, the delivery agent, who stole $27,000 from the U. S. Express Company at St. Joseph, a few days ago, was arrested in Lawrence on Friday.

     At a meeting of citizens at the Court House last night preliminary steps were taken towards forming fire companies, and procuring engines, &c.  It is a good move, let it be pushed through to complete success.