T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Thursday, April 28, 1864.

     Lieut. Col. Moonlight has been promoted and mustered in as Colonel of the 11th Regiment Kansas Cavalry.

     Mr. Foster, we see, has received a lot of musical instruments, which he has for sale at his book store.

     Broom Handles are shipped from Chicago to this place.  Who will put up a turn lathe?  There is plenty of work to keep one running.

     The Government employees have done the handsome thing in their contributions to the Sanitary Fair.  Most of them are laboring men, working by the day and month, and with families to support.  Their liberality should be an example of the rest of the community.

     A fine improvement on the internal appearance of Long's Hall has just been completed under the supervision of Mr. H. R. Camp.  the stage has been entirely refitted in a permanent and elegant manner.  The painting and papering has been done n the most artistical manner, and is equal to similar work in the first class halls of the East.  the whole room is to be papered complete before the opening of the Fair.

     Captain Ruggles advertises to receive proposals for furnishing large amounts of army supplies, consisting of bacon, sides, hams, shoulders, flour and beans.  Bids will be received for the various articles called for, separately, and in less quantities than the entire amount wanted.  This will enable men of limited means to compete for the contract.

     The young men of this city are about organizing a society for literary purposes.  What the exact form and scope of the association shall be we suppose will be determined in the preliminary meeting.  A paper is now in circulation receiving the names of those who favor the enterprise.  It may be seen at Hammerslough's store.  Such an organization may be of very great benefit to the young men and to the city.  Its want has been severely felt for a long time  we hope the gentlemen who have taken hold of the matter will push it forward to success.  They will confer a permanent benefit upon society.