T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Tuesday, April 12, 1864.

     Another Santa Fe train came in yesterday morning  Soon the grass will be up and the great highway across the Plains will be thronged with the adventurous and enterprising freighters.

     The Oskaloosa Independent says, in digging a well in that place, recently, Mr. P. Wise found well preserved wood at the depth of 25 feet, and bark of wood at the depth of 35 feet.

     Two thieves, who have been committing depredations in this and adjoining counties for a long time, were traced to Leavenworth last week by Capt. Hall, the vigilant Provost Marshal at this place.  He telegraphed to Leavenworth to have them arrested, and sent a guard to bring them here for trial.  Jones, one of the accused, was let off on parole of honor by the officials of Leavenworth upon his simple assertion that he was innocent.  Bates, the other culprit, was put into the hands of Capt. Hall's guard, and by them entrusted to the city  jail for safe keeping for the night.  In the morning the prisoner was gone.  We think it not very creditable to the officials of Leavenworth that these rogues are permitted to escape justice.

     Railroad matters are shaping themselves as well as we could wish.  The decision of the Directors to immediately complete and set the cars running upon the west end of the road, will be very advantageous to Kansas City.

     As we have mentioned previously, Capt. Ruggles will receive proposals for furnishing beef for six months.  There  is money in this beef contract.  Our butchers and contractors will do well to give it attention.

     A dispute arose yesterday morning between Mr. Pipher and Mr. Deardorf, in regard to some lumber.  During the quarrel, Mr. Pipher drew a pistol and attempted to shoot Mr. Deardorf.  A person standing by, pushed Pipher's hand to one side and saved Mr. Deardorf's life.  His face was considerably burned by the powder.

     Cicily oranges and lemons, fresh cocoa nuts, New Smyrina figs in drums or paper boxes, new maple sugar, and all kinds of fresh fancy candy, gum drops, &c., just received at Louis Danzer's fruit and variety store, next to the postoffice.