T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Thursday, April 14, 1864.

     LOST. -- A pocket-book containing a considerable sum of money, somewhere on Main street, yesterday morning.  The finder will please return the same to Capt. Kingsbury, commanding the Post, and receive a suitable reward.

     W. W. Bloss, of Rochester, New York, is announced as one of the editors of the Leavenworth Conservative.  We believe this is the Mr. Bloss who was connected with the press of that city some years ago.  If so, he is a ready and racy writer whom we gladly welcome to his old field again.

     The headquarters of the Ninth Minnesota are ordered to be transferred from this city to Rolla. Six companies of the regiment are now at that place.  Co. D remains here. Lieut. Col. Marsh, Lieut. Owens and the other officers who have been with headquarters of the regiment here expect to take passage on the Fanny Ogden for Jefferson City to-day.  These officers have been in our midst for but a short time, but they have deported themselves in a manner worthy of the noble service in which they are engaged, and will carry with them the respect and esteem of our community.

     An affray occurred yesterday morning near the corner of Main and Fourth street, in which  Judge James and Caleb Ford were the actors.  A difficulty has existed between them for some time.  As they   met yesterday, hard words were used by both.  At length Ford drew a revolver with the evident intention of shooting.  The Judge seeing this commenced a vigorous use of his  cane, hitting Ford several hard blows over the head.  Ford fired one barrel of his revolver, the ball striking the Judges cane, shivering it into several pieces.  One of his fingers was got, either by the ball or by a splinter from the cane.  Ford received two severe cuts on the head, and the physician says his skull is fractured.  His injuries are quit4e severe.  Both parties were arrested by the provost guard.