T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, April 17, 1864.

     A spirited race came off yesterday between a horse owned in Company B, and one owned in Company E, 2d Colorado cavalry.  Company B was the winner.  Both horses made quick time.  Some Greenbacks changed hands on the result and some good hauls were taken.

     Mr. Wilson of Independence, made a brisk call yesterday.  He says several contractors have set their hands at work on the railroad near the town.  High wages are paid and every man who can be got, is set to work.  Business in Independence is improving.

     The concert last evening, by Professor Foote and troupe, like the one of the previous evening, was of a very high order.  We do not hesitate to say that these concerts have afforded the best music we have ever heard in the West.

     The McAdamised road between here and Westport is being thoroughly repaired, by a new coating of stone wherever needed.  We wish the road was extended to Olathe.  It would be worth to our city almost as much as a railroad.

     Major Bond, or Gen. Rosencrans' staff, w ho was arrested in Washington, whither he had been sent by his superior, and sent back to be tried by Court Martial, for visiting Washington without leave, has been unanimously acquitted.  His arrest looks very much like a small piece of spite on the part of Stanton and Halleck.

     We would call the special attention of our readers to the new firm of Ensel, Robert & Marzdorf, in the wholesale and retail grocery business on Main street, just below Northrup & Co's banking house.  Although a new house here, this firm is an old and experienced one, fully posted in all the details of the business, and amply prepared to accommodate all the demands of the trade.  Merchants from the country and New Mexico traders would do well to call and examine the stock of this house before purchasing elsewhere.