T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, April 2, 1864.

     It is said that the counterfeit $100 treasury notes which are in circulation were made in England.

     A train to consist of sixty-five four-mule teams is fitting out at St. Joseph for California.

     Another mad dog was shot yesterday.  Every canine running at large without a muzzle deserves to die.  Muzzle your favorite purps.

     The appointment of General Fisk to the command of the North Missouri District gives great satisfaction to the Union men of that district.

     It is said that there is a fatal sickness among the soldiers at Olathe, thirty or forty of them being confined to the hospital there.  The disease is peculiar -- the patients being taken with cold, feel chills, and dying in a day or two.

     Major Plumb, with about forty men of the 11th Kansas, started out from Humboldt a short time ago on a scout.  They returned to Emporia, having killed three Bushwhackers and taken several horses at Cowskin.

     L. Vandever, a notorious bushwhacker, one of Quantrell's Lieutenants, was arrested in St. Paul, Minnesota, on the 22d, and is now confined in the jail at St. Joseph.  He is about twenty years of age, a native of Ray county, in this state.  He is known to have committed two murders with his own hands in that county.  He was at the sacking of Lawrence.  He bore a part in the raid on Plattsburg last July.  It is said that he has boasted of murdering Capt. Sessions, and it is believed that he has  been concerned in other outrageous crimes.  Hew has earned a dozen hangings, and will likely get an installment of his dose before too long.

    We learn from the St. Joe Herald that the steamer Florence, which left that place for St. Louis, last Saturday, ran on a snag about three miles below Sumner, Tuesday afternoon, and sunk.  She was loaded with about sixty tons of bulk meat and about forty tons of grain, hides, and other freight.  She was worth about forty-five thousand dollars.  She was well insured.

     The valuable real estate on Main street, belonging to the estate of Augustus Cargile, deceased, will be sold to-day at the Court House, at 11 o'clock, A. M., by P. S. Brown, administrator.