T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, April 1, 1864.

     Last year at this time, peach trees were beginning to bloom.  Now, snow is on the ground, and the buds haven't swelled.

     We understand that Gen. Rosecrans is expected to visit this section of the state in a short time.  He will be welcome.

     The Military Commission which has been in session in St. Joseph for the trial of civil and military offences, has been suspended by order of Gen. Rosecrans.

     The Executive Committee of the Fair meets every Wednesday at Long's Hall at 3 p. m.

     One evening of the Fair will probably be devoted to Music and Tableaux.  We venture to predict that it will be a fine exhibition.  The Band are preparing some special music for the occasion.  The German Singers Society willl sing some of their fine pieces, and the Music Committee will provide for still further attractions in that line.

     A funeral occurred in the city yesterday, which is worthy of special notice.  "Aunt Jenny," the deceased, was, perhaps, the oldest person in this part of the State.  She was over one hundred and nine years old.  She has lived all her life in the McGee family  She served for several generations of the family and has always been a great favorite of them.  Mr. McGee (Father of Col. E. M. McGee) gave her her freedom forty years ago, but she has remained in the family and was specially cared for in her old age.