T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Thursday, March 10, 1864.

     The Calypso came up last evening.  She had a full load, a good portion of which was for this city.

     Col. Cloud has been mustered in as Colonel of the Second Kansas, in the place of Bassett.

     The Marcella passed down yesterday.

     The culvert on Fifth street has been repaired so as to render it secure.  As it was before, a heavy rain might have done great damage.

     Several families from Ohio landed at this city yesterday.  They were bound for Southern Kansas where they have bought lands and expect to make homes.

     Mr. Bennett, the delegate from Colorado, is endeavoring to obtain the passage of a law to prevent the wanton and useless destruction of buffaloes, which are killed by t he thousands out of mere sport, and left to rot on the Plains.

     The next meeting of the Ladies' Aid Association will be held this afternoon at Long's Hall.  All ladies interested in the good cause are invited to at tend.

     More or less immigrants are arriving by every boat.  The season is very early yet, and from all we can learn, we have no doubt that this year will witness a very large increase of the population of the State.  No other State in the Union offers such inducements to the settler as Missouri.  If we can only have peace and quiet, and there is no reason why we should not, Missouri will arise from the dust and ashes of this terrible war, and clothe herself in garments of new beauty.