T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, March 13, 1864.

     G. W. Brown has been elected Mayor of Paola.

     Our Missouri and Kansas exchanges are rejoicing over the recent rains, which have improved the prospects of the wheat crop.

     A horse died in Atchison the other day of hydrophobia, after biting one or two men and several animals.

     During Lane's operations with the Kansas Brigade in Missouri, the records of the County Court of St. Clair county were taken possession of by Lane, and turned over to Quartermaster Insley.  They are now in possession of Hensley & Hammond, commission merchants in Leavenworth, who will turn them over to the proper parties upon an order from Capt. Insley, and the payment of charges for storage.

     Dennis O'Brien is a candidate for City Marshal.

     Wm. S. Albin, of St. Joe, has been appointed Superintendent of Indian Affairs, vice.  H. B. Branch resigned.

     A prize fight between two colored females came off in Paola a few days since.

     A nice coat of paint upon the awning and front of the building opposite our office, makes a considerable improvement in the appearance of the place.

     All the corn brooms sold in this region, are manufactured either in this city or over in Wyandot county.  Broom corn is a profitable crop to raise.

     There has been a scarcity of butter in the market for a week past.  The price has advanced until it is nearly as high as at any time during the winter.

     I. S. Garver & Co. keep nice fixings in the shape of canned fruits, jellies, and all the fancy groceries which fill the bill of epicurean wants.  We can vouch fore the quality of the above articles.