T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, March 25, 1864.

     The Santa Fe stage rolled out yesterday, loaded down as usual.  Anthony is the Conductor on this trip.

  We noticed some heavy Santa Fe wagons loading at Diveley's yesterday.  The crowd around the corner for a while made the street almost impassable.

     We sold over seven hundred extra copies of the Journal of Commerce yesterday.  Advertisers will make a note of the fact.

     Two locomotives are in use on the Union Pacific Railroad, and teh track is already laid down eight miles up the Kaw.  The sound of the whistle is "first rate."

     The steamers Denver and Calypso are making regular trips between St. Joe. and Omaha.

     The Twelfth Missouri Cavalry regiment is now full, having 1,200 men, and will soon be provided with horses and ordered to the field.  The principal officers are Colonel Oliver Wells, Lieut3enant Col. R H. Brown, and Major Hubbard; the latter well known as the Major of the 1st Missouri cavalry.  The Sherman Hussars are incorporated into this regiment.  The men are fine looking, stout and hearty, and will do good service.

     The Lawrence Journal has just completed its third year of publication,  the leading editorial in this week's number, in giving a slight history of the paper, tell s most thrillingly the tale of its surviving editor's experience during the terrible Quantrell massacre.  We are glad to learn that the Journal is in a prosperous condition  It deserves a hearty support of the citizens of Lawrence.  Its columns are not fitted up with low and abusive personal articles, to the exclusion of the local and business interests of the town where it is published.

    Received by the Mayor:
     Atchison, Kansas, March 24, 1864.
     SIR: -- A young man by the name of Oliver J. Stratton, of this city, was drowned in the Missouri river while crossing on the 13th inst.  He was twenty-four years of age, medium hight, rather stout; had on, when drowned, dark pants, dark vest and coarse overcoat; had small breast pin in his bosom, and several half-dollars in his pocketbook, and a powder flask hung around him.  If his body should be fo und near your city please telegraph to me immediately, and you will confer it a great favor upon the afflicted parents and sisters of the deceased. 
     Respectfully yours,
     J. M. CROMWELL, Mayor.
     Any information regarding the above may be left with Mr. L. Deardorff.