T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, March 25, 1864.

     The McAdamizing being done at the foot of Main street is making a decided improvement in that locality.

     Col. Van Horn accepts the nomination for Mayor.  Now let us give him a rousing and unanimous vote.

     Wagons for New Mexico have been loading at the wholesale houses on the levee every day this week.

     Lieut. Scidmore recruited five men for his company of Hussars day before yesterday.  He has room for a few more.  The first day of April is close at hand.  Those who expect to get heavy bounties, should enlist at once.

    PROCLAMATION:  In conformity to existing ordinances, I do hereby issue this, my proclamation, setting forth the day for holding the general election for the purpose of choosing city officers for the year next ensuing, which will be the first Monday in  April, A. D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-four.  The place of voting in the different wards, shall be as follows:
     First Ward -- In the house of James Mansfield, situated on the corner of Third and High streets.
     Second Ward -- In the southwest room in the Court House building.
     Third Ward -- In the house of G. M. B. Maughs, situated on Spring street, near Delaware, and formerly known as the Black Stump.
     The polls to be opened at eight o'clock, A. M., and closed at sunset, and during said period the polls shall not be closed under any pretence whateever.  --LOUIS DEARDORFF, Acting Mayor.

     There was a heavy Olathe and  Johnson county trade yesterday.  People are finding out that it don't pay to go twice as far as to Kansas City and get their goods no cheaper.  Every Southern Kansas merchant and farmer will save money by trading here.

     We need from fifty to one hundred dwelling houses immediately in this city.  Every day people are enquiring for houses to rent.  Some of our capitalists who have vacant lots should take hold of this matter at once.  The city needs more ho uses immediately.

Take notice:  GENERAL ORDER, NO 5., HEADQUARTERS STATION, Kansas City, Mo., March 23, 1864:  All solders absent from their commands or camps found at this station without furloughs or proper passes from authority competent to issue the same, will be arrested and placed in confinement to be dealt with as the military authorities may direct.  By order of Lieut. Col. Theo. H . Dodd, Commanding Station.