T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Wednesday, February 10, 1864.

     Gen. Curtis has gone to Ft. Smith.

     The Isabella, New Sam Gaty and Emilie are on their way up the river.

     The St. Louis papers say that in six months the cars will be running to this city.

     A dance came off last night on board the steamer Majors.  The young people of Wyandot and Kansas City participated in the festivities.

     A paper comes from Canada directed "Kansas City, Kansas Territory."  We don't blame the Canadians for getting the geography a little mixed, but our ambitions neighbors will object to being set back into their territorial condition again.

     The locomotive Wyandot for the U. P. R. R., was brought down on the Majors yesterday.  She was landed at the Wyandot levee.  A large crowd of people was present to witness the arrival and unloading of the first locomotive which wil run on a railroad west of the Missouri river.

     A false alarm yesterday caused considerable excitement about town, on account of a rumor of an  invasion of Kansas by guerrillas.  That Shawnee, Olathe and Paola had been attacked and burned, were only a part of the statements that found circulation if not currency.  Troops had been sent out from Headquarters during the night, that was certain. During the day the explanation came.  Company "K," of the 15th Kansas, had been down on to the border somewhere, and had been seen on their return into Kansas and taken for guerrillas.  The troops sent in pursuit h ad followed their trail and overtaken them at Gardner.  We shall doubtless hear many such false alarms as Spring comes on, but they will do no harm if they learn the different commands in Kansas and on the border, to be on the alert ready for the foe at ay time.  With the proper precautionary effort, we do not believe the guerillas can make a single successful foray during the season, if they should return in their former numbers which we do not think likely.

     Since writing the above, we have received information which does not look so favorable.  The latest intelligence seems to render it certain that a guerrilla force did enter Kansas clothed in the Federal uniform.  At last accounts they were pushing west, it was thought, aiming for Topeka.  We hope this last rumor is incorrect, but shall await positive news with great anxiety.