T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Thursday, February 11, 1864.


     The following telegram received by us yesterday tells the story.  The Railroad Bill is a law.  It will be finished to Kansas City in six months.  After years of trial, the hour of triumph has come to our people.  All praise to Van Horn, Payne and McGee for their labors in the Legislature.

     "JEFFERSON CITY, Feb. 10th, 1864. Editor Journal:  The Railroad Bill is law.  You are now out of the woods.  R. T. VAN HORN."

     No eastern mail yesterday.

     Kansas is to be zo-ologically surveyed.

     Lt. John Francis, of the Kansas 15th, made us a brief call yesterday.  We are always glad to meet an old brother of hte press.

     Our market is abundantly supplied with fresh fish.  Some very fine ones are caught in the river.  At this season of the year they are very good.

If our neighbors at Wyandot and Westport should hear a "noise," and see a "light" down this way to-night, they need not feel alarmed.   Our people are feeling pretty good,, and we "guess" there will be a jubilation on the high order.  We have got a good thing and a sure thing, and we have a right to rejoice.

     We see loads of tobacco coming into town every day.  The article finds a prompt cash market.  A great deal comes from North of the river.  Kansas City is the best point for the tobacco trade west of St. Louis.
     We are glad to see Chas. E. Kearney, Esq., home again from New York.  Mr. Kearney is going to bring on a heavy stock of groceries this spring, and will be fully prepared to accommodate his old customers -- especially the New Mexican trade.  He says there will be a very heavy immigration to Missouri from the East this spring.