T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Thursday, February 18, 1864.

     The "cold snap" holds longer and is severer than was anticipated.  Yesterday was a cold, rough day, quite up to the winter standard.  There cannot be much danger of a permanent freeze up as late in the season as this, but we think navigation will be temporarily closed.

     Four mules sold in St. Joseph the other day for $1,000.

     The 15th Missouri, a veteran regiment, was given a grand reception on their arrival at St. Louis.

     A meeting of the citizens of Kansas City who are interested in forming an Amateur Club for Theatrical performance for the benefit of various charities in Kansas City, &c., are requested to meet at Hall's School Room, on Main Street, on Saturday evening, 20th inst. at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of preliminary arrangements, or organizing Young Gentlemen desirous of receiving instructions in elocution will do well to attend.

     Hand Wanted -- To drive an ox team drawing logs, in Clay county.  Good wages will be given.  Apply immediately to J. S. & F. M Duncan, West Levee.

     Our enterprising city, emulating the patriotic example of her more wealthy contemporaries, will hold tonight a grand festival in honor and for material benefit of our brave soldiers.  This kind of entertainment has poured thousands of dollars into the soldier's fund, and scattered comforts broad-cast in camp and field.  It is a worthy object -- a noble way of showing our sympathy, and we trust that Kansas City will show her approval and endorsement in a most substantial manner.  We hope to see the Hall crowded to overflowing.  In such a cause we cannot do too much.  Let the spirit of liberty and patriotism be unfettered to-night.