T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, February 19, 1864.

     The weather we are having is a cold joke upon those who commenced gardening a few days since.

     The steamer Calypso passed down the river last evening.

     The Weston ferry boat is stopped by the ice; accordingly we get no mail from that direction above Leavenworth.

     Missouri's quota of troops, to be filled by the draft, is estimated at 22,526, from which the recruits enlisted since October 17th, 1863, will be deducted.

     A little daughter of Mrs. Hamilton, living between Third street and the Levee, was terribly burned yesterday morning by her clothes catching fire from the stove.  Her injuries are mainly in the face, and it is thought are not fatal.  The child is about six years old  The little thing suffers painfully.

     Capt. W. H. Green, of the Second Colorado, has relieved Maj. Thacher at Westport, and is now in command at that post.  Capt. Green is an efficient officer, and will fill any position with credit to himself and the army.  He is a thorough Republican, and possesses that energy, courage, and  unbiased loyalty necessary to win victories and promote peace.