T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, February 21, 1864.

     Mr. Chas. Moyer has bought out A. Beyga & Brother's Candy Manufactory on Main Street.  He will continue the business at the old stand.

     HALT!  When the sentry summons a man to halt, the safest thing he can do is to obey.  We observed a man the other night persist in advancing until the guard charged him to halt three times.  Such carelessness will result in loss of life if persisted in.

     Harry Collins is to be the recipient of a complimentary benefit at the Union Theatre on Tuesday night, Feb. 23, on which occasion Mr. Edmund Bruce, well known to citizens of Kansas City, as kindly offered his services and will appear in the great character of Othello.  We bespeak for Harry a rousing house.

     We received yesterday evening the 20th a letter mailed to us at Humboldt on the 15th inst.  It takes two days for the mail to go from Humboldt to Lawrence, and one day from Lawrence here.  Hence the letter should have reached us on the 17th, or at the furthest on the 18th.  By some Postmaster's blunder or carelessness it was delayed for two or three days on the route.

     An Englishman by the name of William Baker, an industrious miller, was found frozen to death at Wyandot Wednesday night.  He had been drinking in a saloon until a late hour the night before.  Whisky killed him and the supply of the ardent is not exhausted.

     A destructive fire occurred in Leavenworth Friday morning.  It originated in Leavenworth Friday morning.  It originated on the corner of Third and Delaware streets.  The losses were upwards of one hundred thousand dollars.