T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, February 20, 1864.

     Ice in the Mississippi cuts off al mails east of St. Louis.

     The Emilie will commence making regular trips in connection with the railroad as soon as the ice will permit.

     There will be a social party given by the 2d Colorado Boys on Monday evening, the 22d, at Westport.

     Gen Brown has moved his headquarters to Warrensburg.  This is probably only a temporary arrangement.  We expect to see him located here before many weeks.

     Our friend, Chris. Smith, has just returned from the East.  We called round yesterday and noticed that he has a handsomely fitted up Barber Shop.  He keeps for sale all kinds of hair oil, pomade, combs, pipes, tobacco and cigars.  We advise our readers to give him a call.  His shop is opposite the postoffice.

     Mr. D. W. Reed, the traveling agent for a popular sewing machine, is stopping at the Gillis House.

     We must say a good word for Major Thacher, of the 9th Kansas, who has just relinquished the command at Westport, where he has been stationed most of the time since Gen. Ewing assumed command of the District of the Border.  He has proved himself a faithful, discreet and brave officer, securing the approval of the people among whom he was located and the confidence and respect of his brother officers.  We are sorry to lose him from the border.  The Major is a brother of Judge Thacher, of the 4th Judicial district, Kansas.

     Stolen from the residence of F. Frankae, between 3 and 4 o'clock, A. M., on the 15th inst., a trunk containing the following articles:  Two coats, sleeves lined with red silk and marked F. Frankae, $500 in twenty-dollar green backs, several notes totaling more than $1,000, the naturalization papers of Mr. Frankae, six shirts with name on the front, a dozen silver plated knives and forks and spoons, lady's and children's' clothes.   The subscriber will be very thankful for any information which will lead to the recovery of the property and the conviction of the thief.