T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Saturday, February 6, 1864.

     No eastern mail was received yesterday.

     The Clay Seminary at Liberty commences a new session next Monday.

     We are going to have a railroad.  Everybody says so, and everybody is right.

     The 7th Kansas has arrived at Leavenworth.  The city gives them a great reception today, $800 worth of reception.

     The notorious Fain, at one time U. S. Marshal in Kansas, but lately a confederate beef contractor, is now a prisoner at Forth Smith.

     The Paymaster will be around with green-backs for the soldier boys, Monday.  They will be glad to see him and his pictures.

     A Jigatory entertainment came off last night at the Court House, whish was fairly attended  Hops, theatricals, and exhibitions are all en tapis just now.

     Navigation on the Missouri River is likely to be very brisk this season.  More than eighty new boats for this river are built and being built.

     The Liberty Tribune says the "darkies" in Clay county have been" toddling" across the river to Kansas during the past few days, in considerable numbers.  The warm and beautiful weather of the past few days has admonished them of the uncertain tenure of the ice, and they are endeavoring to "make hay while the sun shines."

     Rev. Mr. Scarritt's school celebrated the close of a term by appropriate exercises last evening at the  Methodist Church.  The building was crowded at an early hour.  We wedged in by one of the doors a few minutes during the evening.  The boys and girls and youths and maidens, were speaking pieces, reading compositions, rendering music and going through with the usual programme of school exhibitions in fine style.  The interest displayed last night suggested forcibly to our mind the whole subject of education as connected with our city.  We must have a better system -- one which shall reach all the people and give us a higher grade of schools.  We must also have an academy  We can support one without  a single scholar from outside, although we should have scores of that class.