T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, February 5, 1864.

     The Col. Hawkins who was recently at St. Joseph, lionizing himself, is exposed by Parson Brownlow as an imposter.

     We regret to learn that the drug store of Dr. Boggs, of Westport, was entirely consumed by fire yesterday morning.  How it caught fire is not known.  The loss we believe was total.

     We have had no paper mail from Saint Louis until yesterday since Monday.  These delays are very vexatious to us in the matter of general news.  It is said that the paper mail has been thrown off between here and Dresden.  The contractors are paid to carry the mail and they should do it.  The letter mail has come.
     The Ferry Boat commenced making trips across the river at this point yesterday.

     For two or three days since the Kansas Ferry boat at Wyandot was carried away, an independent skiff has been running, charging passengers fifty cents for carrying them across the river.  This is well enough for a private speculation, but why should not the ferry company accommodate their customers at the established rates.  If any body can run a skiff, they ought to.

     Two hundred and seventeen negroes have been enlisted at Mexico in this state.

     Tonight at the Union Theatre will be presented the great play of "Toodles."  This is one of the best bills of the season, and will doubtless draw a full house.