T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Wednesday, January 27, 1864.

     We understand Col. Ford, of the 2d Colorado, is expected here to-day.

     Col. Lyne, of the Kansas 9th, was in town yesterday.

     We understand that Gov. Gamble is in a very critical condition, and that it is doubtful whether he recovers.

     A reported mad dog was killed in the city Monday night.  Whether the cur was rabid or not is uncertain, but "death to dogs is a sentiment which is growing in popularity every day.  The crack of a revolver, followed by a significant yelping, may be heard most any hour of the night.  Fire away, we don't own a pup, but bury the victims from sight.  A live dog may be dangerous, but a dead one is certainly a nuisance if left lying on the streets or vacant lots of the city.

     Our neighbors in Wyandot were roused from their beds at midnight the other night by an alarming report that a guerrilla force was about to enter the town . The fright was occasioned by rapid and continuous firing  heard from across the river in Clay county . It seems that a lot of slaves had conspired together to abscond from the loving protection of their masters, cross over the river into Kansas and enter the service of Uncle Samuel.  They organized their company and started for Missouri.  All went harmoniously until they neared the river, when they found a patrol in their front.
     It seems the slave owners of Clay county have been apprehensive that their "property" might take to the ice some of these moonlit nights, and accordingly this patrol was stationed to check the movement.  They fired on the negroes to drive them back, but they stood their ground and returned fire.  We have not heard whether anybody was hurt or not.  When the firing was heard in Wyandot, the people naturally supposed there might be danger threatening them.  The bell was run and the militia called out, and preparations made to resist the foe if he came  We do not know how many slaves escape, but we are told that they showed their fitness to become soldiers by whipping out the guard that attempted to stop them.

     Regular meeting of the Chamber of Commerce this evening at seven o'clock in the school room over Ganghoffer's Drug Store.