T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Sunday, January 10, 1864.

     Live geese were selling in the streets yesterday at forty cents each.  Cheap enough.

     Coal was discovered at several points in grading the railroad from Wyandot to Lawrence.  Coal beds three feet in thickness exists in several places in Bourbon county, Kansas.  A company should be formed to open them up.

     A youngster yesterday accomplished the feat of running his sled, upon which  he was riding, under a mule tea in motion near the levee at the foot of Main street.

     We are told by those who were residents of this region in 1832, that the mercury during that winter sunk 32 degrees below zero.  That is ten degrees colder than we have experienced as yet this winter.

     The streets were filled yesterday with wagons and sleighs in about equal numbers.  The roads are smooth and the wheeling is fine.  There is sufficient snow and ice to make a sleigh slip very well and the novelty of the thing makes those prefer that conveyance who can procure the runners.

     We understand that preparations already in progress for putting up a mammoth drug establishment in this city.  A new building is to be erected especially for the business on the corner of Main and Fourth streets, a first rate location.

     A colored boy was kidnapped from the city yesterday under the following circumstances, as we have heard them:  A man from north of the river, who claims to have owned the boy boy at some former time, went to town and meeting the boy persuaded him to get in his cutter, promising to take him to the levee and buy him a pair of boots.  When they reached the river he whipped his horse onto the ice and across the river as fast as he could go.  The thing was done quickly and without  exciting suspicion so that pursuit at the time was impossible.