T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Friday, January 8, 1864.

     The weather was comparatively moderate yesterday and yet the mercury had raised but two degrees above zero at 11 a.m.

     A large shipment of lard from New York, upon examination, was found to contain 10,000 navy revolvers, intended to run the blockade.

     The Missouri soldiers of Co. A of the 18th United States Infantry of "African descent," as the War Department calls them, were about town yesterday, after marching through the streets yesterday morning singing the John Brown song.  Each man had his hat adorned with a miniature American flag.  Men who are willing to fight for the flag have an undoubted right to carry it and to wear it if they choose.

     English "sympathizers" have made various contributions to the secession cause.  The last shape their "aid and comfort" has taken is a supply of prayer books adapted to use in the confederacy.  A large lot of them were thrown overboard from a blockade runner that found herself  unable to escape our watchful tats.  We don't believe in giving the rebs many favors, but in their present circumstances they need to pray a good deal.

     A social and select hop will be given to-morrow evening at Turner's Hall, by the Radicals of our city, to Cols. R. T. Van Horn and E. M. McGee.  Cards of invitation will be issued to-day, and he who receives one may count himself lucky, for it is intended to make this party the ne plus ultra of all parties.

     Lieut. J. R. Hudson, Tenth Kansas, has been appointed Major in the First Regiment of Missouri Volunteers of African descent.  Harrison Dubois, private in Co. I, Eleventh Kansas, as been appointed Captain in the same regiment.  George Simmonds, Sergeant, Twenty-fifth Missouri, second Lieutenant in the same regiment.  Captain Theodore H. Barrett, Ninth Minnesota, has received the appointment of Colonel.  Alexander Cummings, of Philadelphia, has been appointed Colonel of the Second Regiment of Missouri Volunteers of African descent.  Francis Moon of the First Colorado, receives a Captain's commission.