T. DWIGHT THACHER, Editor and Proprietor.

Wednesday, September 21, 1864.

     The Kingston Banner says the guerrillas have dispersed, and quiet prevails in Caldwell county.

     PEACE. -- We learn that six soldiers were killed by bushwhackers in Ray county, day before yesterday.

     The new steamer Emma, owned by  Jas. Goodin, Jr., sunk twelve miles below this city on Sunday.  She was bound to Leavenworth, from Lexington, and had on board 3,000 bushels of coal.  The boat and cargo is a total loss.  No insurance.

     A comet is said to be plainly visible these nights.  It is located in the north-western horizon, and possesses a tail of great length and brilliancy.

     BUSHWHACKER TO BE HUNG. -- We learn that a bushwhacker, named H. A. Griffith, is to be hung at St. Joe next Friday.

     Among the six hundred Union prisoners under fire at Charleston are Lieut. S. S. Baker, 6th Missouri, Captain E. O'Brien, 29th Missouri, and Captain H. C. Austen, 8th Kansas.

     We notice that the militia of Wyandotte county are to meet for inspection on the 24th inst.  We understand that our neighbors over the line are thoroughly organized and armed.

     Dr. Hunting, of Manhattan, Kansas, has a sure cure for drunkenness, and those who have friends afflicted with this terrible disease are invited to correspond.  Dr. Hunting is the man who picked the eloquent John B. Gough out of the gutter.

     THE DANCE. -- The hop went off gaily last night.  Long's Hall was brilliant with light, beauty and gallantry, and the many participants had their fill of pleasure.  It was late when the party broke up, and it will be remembered among the list of pleasant bygones.

     Martin Ringo, Esq., formerly of Liberty, Mo., since of Gallatin, Mo., was accidentally killed a short time ago, by the accidental discharge of his gun, between Fort Laramie and Salt Lake, on his way to California.  The load entered his eye, and came out at the top of his head, scattering his brains in all directions.  His family, who were with him, continued their journey to California.